Smart Sustainable Districts – Utrecht Beurskwartier


Smart Sustainable Districts Webinar Series

Webinar 1: Sustainable District Performance
Based on experiences from urban transformation projects in various European districts, the Smart Sustainable Districts (SSD) network has successfully developed a performance measurement approach.


Webinar 2: Citizen engagement in Smart Sustainable Districts projects
Active engagement and endorsement from citizens are crucial for successfully realising urban regeneration ambitions, climate action plans and implementation strategies.


Webinar 3: Attractive resilient districts
Integration of nature into urban developments is increasingly recognised as one of the leading ways in which cities can be made more attractive, sustainable and resilient. These nature-based or ‘blue-green’ solutions use urban water and green in a multi-functional way, which makes them much more effective than traditional single-function solutions.


Webinar 4: Data-driven district transformation
Data-driven district transformation is a proven approach in the Smart Sustainable Districts network. Districts in Utrecht, Berlin, London and Paris have successfully integrated various data into a harmonized approach for sustainable urban transformation projects. 


More information is available on the Climate-KIC website.