Smart Sustainable Districts – Utrecht Beurskwartier


Upcoming events fall 2016

SSD Utrecht will participate in the following events in fall 2016:

September 24th, City lab ‘on tour’ in Utrecht The New Centre

The Municipality of Utrecht organizes a citizen engagement event about the transformation of the New Centre. The SSD team is strongly involved in the thematic dialogue on sustainable opportunities and choices for the district. In addition to the innovative sustainable solutions delivered by SSD, citizens and other stakeholders are invited to submit their sustainable idea for the district via the website until September 16th. During the event, these ideas and solutions will be discussed with 200 citizens and stakeholders by using a digital interaction table developed for this purpose by TU Berlin.

September 27th-28th, SSD High Level Network Meeting in Utrecht The New Centre

Jaarbeurs and City of Utrecht, District leads of The New Centre district in Utrecht, welcome district leads and key account managers of the SSD network to Utrecht to exchange sustainable transformation ambitions and approaches. The network meeting has a particular focus on citizen engagement, will include a tour of the Utrecht New Centre district and provides for ample networking opportunities and exchange on visions, challenges and best practices.

September 29th, workshop Impact in SSD Utrecht during Dutch Green Building Congress in Utrecht

The Dutch Green Building Week (September 26th-30th) is fully dedicated to sustainable building, housing, employment and sustainable transformation. The central theme of this week and of the Dutch Green Building Congress on September 29th is Impact. Carolien van Hemel of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute (KAM SSD Utrecht) was asked to give a workshop on ‘Impact in Smart Sustainable District: The New Centre in Utrecht’ during the Congress Impact.

The workshop will focus on:

  • Sustainable transformation of Utrecht central station area to New Centre: How does that work?
  • From shared ambition in 2015 to achieving sustainability goals by 2030
  • Shared ambition + innovation-driven knowledge + open collaboration = sustainable impact

October 6th, Open Innovation Day in Gothenburg

Sustainable Consumption through Open Innovation
The City of Gothenburg faces a number of climate-related challenges and is together with Climate-KIC Nordic seeking innovative green-tech solutions that contribute to sustainable consumption. These must have a positive climate impact and be able to reach a wide market faster and more efficiently than has previously been possible. The aim of the Open Innovation Day is to identify tools that can help the inhabitants of Gothenburg make better and more informed climate friendly choices in their everyday life.

November 8th, Climate Innovation Summit in Frankfurt

To coincide with the beginning of COP22 in Morocco, the Climate Innovation Summit will bring together over 300 senior leaders to focus on the solutions that are required to deliver on the Paris Agreement commitments. The agenda will focus on innovation and cutting edge solutions that will inspire and inform all organisations in the climate innovation space. Join with influential speakers and experts from a broad range of corporate, public sector and research institutions.

November 30th – December 2nd, Sustainable City Development 2016 in Malmö

The UN’s new 17 global sustainability goals mean local challenges and there is neither a lack of will or initiative in Malmö to achieve them. Between the 30th November  –  2nd December 2016, Malmö municipality is organising an international conference on how cities can work with global development and how we have made the UN’s goals our own on the road to a sustainable city. Read more.