Smart Sustainable Districts – Utrecht Beurskwartier


Utrecht Mayor and Aldermen present City’s area vision to the public

On April 18th, the Mayor and Aldermen of Utrecht officially presented the City’s area vision and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the New Centre / Jaarbeurskwartier to the public. Both documents are out for discussion until this summer, when the City Council will decide on formal approval.

The City’s area vision and EIA include main results of the SSD Deep Dive Utrecht. The four integrated sustainability scenarios, developed earlier by SSD experts as part of the Deep Dive Utrecht, served as input for the development by the Municipality of one preferred variant. This variant was then assessed by the SSD team on energy, climate and sustainability aspects before being included in the area vision.

Both the district stakeholders and the international experts are very pleased with the results of the Deep Dive Utrecht and their inclusion in the City’s area vision. Current steps involve elaborating the work program for continuation of the SSD involvement in Jaarbeurskwartier and other area development projects in Utrecht, as well as exploring opportunities for applying the SSD Utrecht knowledge and expertise within other SSD districts.