Smart Sustainable Districts – Utrecht Beurskwartier


Video: Sustainable opportunities and choices for the new centre of Utrecht

On September 24th the Municipality of Utrecht organized a citizen engagement event about the transformation of Utrecht The New Centre. About 300 citizens and other stakeholders participated in the city dialogue, brought forward their ideas and became acquainted with the plans for the new centre of Utrecht.

The SSD team was asked to facilitate the discussion about sustainable choices and chances for the district. Together with TU Berlin/Chora we developed an interaction process by using the digital interaction table to facilitate the discussion. Prior to the City Expedition, citizens were invited to submit their sustainable ideas for the district via the website In addition to the innovative sustainable solutions delivered by SSD, about 20 detailed ideas of high quality were brought forward. All ideas were converted to playing cards for the digital interaction table. The ideas proved to be an excellent tool for an open discussion on the chances and choices for an energy neutral and green & attractive district.

The results of this day and of the follow-up meeting taking place on October 13th will be used as input for the structural vision of the Municipality, expected to be finalized by the Summer of 2017.